Broers + Klazinga are very proud to inform you that their debut album ‘Burdens Of The Mind’ will be released worldwide on Friday 26 March 2021.

It is possible to preorder the album by sending an e-mail to The price is € 17,99 (incl. 21% VAT but excl. shipping costs).

Broers + Klazinga wish to thank the following persons :

First of all, Andrea van der Meulen for introducing Jacob Broers to Gerben Klazinga, and Mark Smit for his great voice!

Moreover, they wish to thank Jeremy van Haastert, Koen van Oostendorp, Vincent van den Bosch, Ronald Blok, Eke Simons, Gonzalo Gimenez, Rata Kloppenburg, Slava Syurin, Mark Bogert, Tekstueel – communicatie, Marianne van der Quast, Henk Visser and Kroese Records.

Broers + Klazinga is pleased to inform you that Red Icon Recordings will shortly release their debut album ‘Burdens Of The Mind’.

Red Icon Recordings is an independent record label from the Green Heart of the Netherlands, founded in January 2021 to assist and encourage musicians with passion for symphonic dance, lounge and rock music to achieve their dreams, ambitions and goals.

Stay tuned!

We are sorry to inform you that, because of COVID-19, the record company has decided not to release debut albums for the time being. Consequently, the release of our album ‘Burdens Of The Mind’ has been postponed.

However, we are pleased to inform you that our videoclip ‘Now That You’re Gone’ will be released this weekend.