Broers + Klazinga are a Dutch symphonic rock band, formed in Boskoop, the Netherlands, in July 2015. The band consists of Jacob Broers and Gerben Klazinga.

Both of them play the keyboards, whilst Gerben Klazinga also plays bass, rhythm guitar and drums.

It all began with a present from a friend of Jacob Broers for a one-hour piano lesson at the studio of Knight Area Productions of Gerben Klazinga in Boskoop, the Netherlands, at the end of 2014, where Jacob Broers told Gerben Klazinga that he wanted to make symphonic rock music instead. The result was the track ‘Iconoclast’.

Despite the fact that Gerben Klazinga, founder and member of the Dutch neo-progressive rock band Knight Area (http://knightarea.com/), had no intention to start a new project, he was so enthusiastic about the result of the co-operation that they decided to make an album together. After five years this resulted in their debut album ‘Burdens Of The Mind’ in August 2020.  

Several guest musicians have contributed to this album, including but not limited to Mark Smit on vocals and Mark Bogert on guitar.

On 26 March 2021 their debut album ‘Burdens Of The Mind’ was released worldwide.

Besides Broers + Klazinga, Jacob Broers and Gerben Klazinga have also another exciting project called Tokai Bar, a series of symphonic dance and lounge albums. On 7 October 2022 Tokai Bar released it’s debut album ‘Volume II; Ocean Drive’. Symphonic dance and lounge is electronic dance music, respectively lounge music, with symphonic rock influences.

At the end of 2022 Broers + Klazinga started recording new tracks of their second album, called ‘Second Thoughts’. In the mean time they have released four tracks: Iconoclast – indeed, the (remastered) first track they have ever recorded; The Mirror – featuring Nadine Pruim-Bogert on vocals; Delusional – featuring Mark Bogert on lead guitar; and Read Me. As with ‘Burdens Of The Mind’, Broers + Klazinga is very pleased to inform you that Mark Smit is again their lead vocalist.

Stay tuned!